I’ve written plenty of articles about Angular and React. Today, I want to go into six reasons why you would want to choose Angular over React. Most people who would object to this idea give a lot of examples as to why:

There is a particular art to interviewing for software development positions. I’ve interviewed for many different jobs over the years, from burger joints, lifeguarding, IT support, and of course, MANY software development interviews. I should note that this article will not help you with any technical questions since there are…

The field of software development has taken off in the last few years. Today, there seem to be more job openings for software developers than actual developers to fill them. This generally seems to be a good thing for developers nowadays since this forces companies to be more competitive with…

I’ve talked about React in the past, and I’m bringing it back up again. React's popularity is an issue I’ve brought up with several other points, but I want to focus on the overhyped nature of React specifically. I want to talk about how React got to be overhyped, what…

Welcome to part 2 of my Svelte journey! If you haven’t seen part 1 you can read that here:

Part 1 includes a brief history of Svelte as well as my initial feedback of what I think of Svelte after going through the tutorials and seeing some of the capabilities.

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Programmer with a passion

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